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Bonnie Hewson

Bonnie Hewson

Bristol foodie, allotmenteer and crafter. Beacon Farms protagonist. Bristol Food Producers coordinator. Freelance environmental project manager. Advocate of Just Doing Stuff!


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7 May 2015

Allotment Productivity Challenge: Day 7

I confess...I haven't made it down every day. Well you've seen some of the wind and rain we've been having! I went down this morning to check on the seedlings I planted. The wind has pulled off some of the fleece I put over them but mostly they are looking good - not too wind swept or slug eaten, though some of the salads have had damage from what may be flea beetles. I have used bits of flexible plastic edging material to create rings around some of the brassicas and courgettes to give them a bit of protection against the wind. On the plus side the rain has made everything grow really rhubarb is bursting out of the chimney pot I use as a forcer, all my early potatoes are up now, and seedlings are putting out their first true leaves (making it easier to tell them apart from the equally enthusiastic weedlings)
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